Washington University Patient Identification Request Form

If you already have a FollowMyHealth account you may log in here. Once you have logged into FollowMyHealth, Click on “My Account” then from the menu options select “Billing” and click on the link to access your billing information.

What is the purpose of the Patient Identification Form?

We want to ensure that your health information is secure. The patient identification request form allows us to verify your identity and link you to your Washington University Physicians health information.

If you are a patient over the age of 18 you can proceed.

Can I fill this out on the behalf of someone else?

If you are a parent, legal guardian or have health care power of attorney for a dependent adult, you will need to request a proxy account for the dependent person. A proxy account allows a parent, guardian or other legally authorized adult to log into Washington University Follow My Health and connect to the account of a family member or another person.

If you are a proxy for a minor child you will have access to his or her medical record, have the ability to message providers and can refill prescriptions until the minor reaches the protected age. That age is determined by state and federal law.

For more information on proxy accounts, visit wuphysicians.wustl.edu/followmyhealth.

How long does it take?

For the protection of our patients, accounts will only be granted to people who have correctly verified the questions in the forms below. Please allow up to seven days to receive an invitation at the email address you provided.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for the portal have your statement available. Key in the information required in the form. From the statement enter in the information needed (see corresponding numbers as a guide).

Form Guide

Note: Boxes that require an entry are marked with an *.

* 1. Account Number:
 (Number 1 on Statement is located at the top of each statement)
* 2. Statement Date:
 (Number 2 on Statement is located at the top of each statement)
* 3. PPID:
 (Number 3 on Statement is located at the top of each statement)
* First Name:
* Last Name:
* Address:
* Date of Birth:
* E-mail:
* Confirm E-mail:
Last 4 Digits of SSN:  (Optional)
By clicking "Submit" you agree that all information is accurate to the best of your knowledge.